About TIPH

Headquartered in the Western Balkans, tiph acts as a coordinating hub for our clients’ global IP needs. We advise, intermede and connect our clients with local professionals that provide a full range of IP and related services, including patent, design and trademark prosecution, IP strategic counseling and IP litigation services in multiple jurisdictions across the world.

Montenegro, where our headquarters is located, is a business-friendly, moderate tax residence, which in turn allows considerable price flexibility for high quality coordinating services. As the name itself suggests, tiph is intended to serve as an efficient hub where IP owners and their counsel can outsource their IP-related work and receive reliable and cost-effective assistance.

Why choose us

Our team members have spent many years working for the PETOSEVIC GROUP, one of the leading IP firms, very well known for its IP protection work in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Over the years, we have served a diverse mix of clients, including world’s leading corporations, across a large section of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, technology, hospitality, food and drink, high end fashion, ready-to-wear fashion and cosmetics.

Our team has extensive IP-focused experience and a comprehensive knowledge of various national and regional legal systems, practices and particularities. We take the time to understand our clients’ business goals, handle the multi-jurisdictional hurdles in the most rapid and cost-efficient way possible, and align the advice we provide in one jurisdiction with the client’s regional or global strategy.

We benefit from many years of experience to make things easy for our clients while also saving their time and money.

What sets us apart

Our people have no fixed office presence and are not tied to one physical location. Among other things, what brought us together is our appreciation of remote work – when not at the firm’s headquarters in Montenegro, we work from wherever we choose, whether our homes or while traveling and meeting clients. Wherever we are at the moment, we maintain close contact and communication.